MtronPTI 100MHz Sinewave Electronically Vibration Compensated OCXO

MtronPTI 100MHz Sinewave Electronically Vibration Compensated OCXO

In high reliability communications and radar applications, maintaining performance comes first. The communication link must stay up; the picture must be clear even when conditions are less than ideal. Radars and satellite tuners use high performance crystal oscillators to keep frequencies quiet for clear pictures and exact for good channel lock but it’s often a difficult tradeoff: size, weight and power constraints versus ultimate noise performance when looking for small slow moving targets from shaking platforms. The MtronPTI XO5503 Series incorporates a SC-cut quartz resonator and electronic vibration compensation resulting in 0.02 ppb/g g-sensitivity.  The XO5503 Series OCXO replaces bulkier references, raising system performance while lowering size and weight.


  • Small Size 2.0”x1.5”x0.8”
  • No Moving Parts


  • Airborne and shipboard radar
  • Airborne Satellite communications

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