MtronPTI Introduces WiMAX Cavity Filter Series

MtronPTI Introduces WiMAX Cavity Filter Series

May 13, 2008

Orlando, Florida – May 13, 2008 – MtronPTI, a leading producer of frequency control and filter products, introduces a new cavity filter series specially designed for WiMAX applications and other wireless metro area network systems. The WiMAX cavity filter series covers the 2.3-to-2.7-GHz frequency range with emphasis on low-loss narrowband systems. MtronPTI utilizes a re-configurable design platform fully modeled in EM (Electromagnetic) simulation software, and tested with a stringent design verification process. This allows quick delivery of samples that are optimally tuned for specific applications.

MtronPTI’s WiMAX cavity filter products feature passband center frequencies from 2.3 to 2.7 GHz, making them well suited for mobile and fixed WiMAX, WiBro and Wi-Fi applications. The available bandwidth range is 0.04 to 0.2% 1-dB. A versatile configuration allows multiple cross-coupling schemes with transmission zeroes, placed on either side of the passband and in any combination. Standard housings can be rapidly reconfigured permitting reduced lead times for custom applications. Connector locations are flexible and configurable. These WiMAX cavity filters also feature excellent extended rejection performance, achieved with an integrated lowpass filter and can also be used in either Rx (radio receive) and/or Tx (radio transmit) mode. Modules with two, three, four, or six filters of identical or different configurations are available for systems applying MIMO or other antenna diversity technology. Duplexers can be developed using the same re-configurable platform and are offered as a single unit or modules with multiple Duplexers.

“The WiMAX Cavity Filter Series is an answer to the ever evolving technology demands of our most successful customers,” commented Joe Doyle, VP Engineering at MtronPTI. “With our experienced engineering team, a full array of advanced simulation software and proven design process, MtronPTI can continue to offer custom filter solutions like the WiMAX Cavity Filters while reducing development time and cost. This allows us to rapidly design and ship parts with the maximum amount of design-margin for our customer’s system.”

Click WiMAX Cavity Filter Series - LINK NEEDED HERE for more information, or contact the Marketing Coordinator at 605-665-9321 or email For information about current Sprint and Clearwire WiMAX news, click here.

MtronPTI was formed in October 2004 with the merger of M-tron Industries Inc. and Piezo Technology Inc. of Orlando, Florida. MtronPTI is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology frequency control products and electronic filter products. The company specializes in developing custom products for advanced frequency control applications. It is based in Orlando, Florida, with design, sales and manufacturing locations in North America, Asia and Europe. MtronPTI is a subsidiary of the LGL Group (formerly Lynch Corporation). LGL is listed on the American Stock Exchange and traded under the symbol – LGL. View the MtronPTI website at


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