MtronPTI Shrinks Filter for UAV Comm Links

MtronPTI Shrinks Filter for UAV Comm Links

November 06, 2013

Ultra-compact L-band/S-band Filter Diplexer weighs in at 9 grams and 0.2 cu.inches

Orlando, FL, November 6, 2013 – MtronPTI, leader in precision frequency control and custom RF/microwave filters, today announced the LF9422 Series L/S Band Filter Diplexer reducing size, weight and power (SWaP) for unmanned vehicle communications. Paul Dechen, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at MtronPTI, notes, “UAVs must operate with a minimum of weight and power yet maintain network-centric communication – command, data and often real-time video – with their ground operators. MtronPTI’s LF9422 delivers 15 dB port-to-port isolation and less than 1.25 dB loss for L and S band secure data links in a 1” square SMD package at under 9 grams – the smallest in the industry.”

The Department of Defense budget, although under pressure from sequestration and deficit concerns, still shows an increased spend for unmanned air, ground and sea platforms over the next ten years. The Teal Group Corporation reported in June, 2013, an expected $2.3B for 2013 UAV payload spend, rising to $4.6B by 2022 with electronics the fastest growing category – synthetic aperture radars (SARs) and SIGINT and EW systems leading the group.

Paul continues, “We’re seeing many requests for communications link and radar support with primary frequencies in the L and S bands (1-2 GHz and 2-4 GHz). The LF9422 Filter Diplexer combines L/S band services into one feed with very low loss – increasing communication range, saving radio power and resulting battery or UAV motor weight.”

The LF9422 Series L/S Band Filter Diplexer is available now in a 1” square, 0.2” thick surface mount package. Unlike older open-frame designs, MtronPTI’s wash-proof filters are ready for automated assembly with no risk of drift from the assembly process.  Nearly fifty years serving high reliability, high performance communication OEMs provides MtronPTI the experience to shrink package size and weight while maintaining exceptional port-to-port isolation and insertion loss. The LF9422 is the newest example of MtronPTI’s SWaP harsh environment products for defense and public safety applications.

UAV – Unmanned aerial vehicle

SIGINT – signals intelligence – secure communication and/or communication interception

EW – electronic warfare

About MtronPTI

MtronPTI is an AS9100 rev C certified designer and manufacturer of advanced highly engineered frequency control and filter products for aerospace, defense, instrumentation and Internet communication applications. Based in Orlando, Florida, with design, sales and manufacturing locations in North America, Asia and Europe, MtronPTI is a subsidiary of The LGL Group (NYSE MKT: LGL). For more information, visit and


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