Clearer picture for satellite com and radar

Clearer picture for satellite com and radar

June 03, 2014

Tampa, FL, June 3, 2014, IMS2014  – MtronPTI, leader in precision frequency control and custom RF/microwave filters, today announced the XO5500 Series low g-sensitivity oscillators allowing consumers to be online everywhere and providing more accurate battlefield imagery. With combinations of extensive crystal manufacturing experience, vibration compensation methods and a novel new material, the XO5500 series replaces bulkier shock mounted references, while offering higher performance at lower cost, size and weight.

Conrad Jordan, VP - Timing Business Center Manager, says, “Whether surfing the internet or trying to get a better radar image, the limiting factor can often be the timing reference purity. Clock noise from rotor wing vibration directly blurs radar and commercial flight airstream buffeting or engine vibration can cause satellite transceivers to lose lock. The XO5500 series is designed to combat this problem, offering performance improvements over existing designs.”

According to Forbes†, only about 6% of users on commercial flights equipped with Gogo’s air-to-ground Wi-Fi actually use the service – any more would slow the network to unacceptable levels. One solution proposed by AT&T and Gogo, the Forbes article continues, is to switch to high bandwidth satellite-based systems. As satellite internet becomes common on all airliners, MtronPTI designed vibration insensitive clocks will help ensure the service is uninterrupted.

In the defense market, intelligence gathering and guided weaponry continue to push radar limits to identify, track and remove threats with minimal collateral damage. This need is driving increased spending on RF and timing components, despite an overall reduction in US defense spending. Two key radar trends are more robust airborne units and more accurate shipboard tracking systems – both requiring low phase noise/low g-sensitivity clock references. MtronPTI is already a key supplier to makers of not only radar master oscillators but also the radar systems themselves.

Conrad continues, “We’ve been shipping vibration-insensitive oscillators for some time. Process improvements, electronic vibration compensation and recent advances in fundamental crystal core science allow us to expand our product line to span the moderate environment airframe application all the way up to extreme performance shipboard systems.”

The XO5501 Oven Controlled Oscillator is shipping today using advanced crystal processing to achieve 0.2 ppb/g g-sensitivity and low phase noise under vibration in less than one half cubic inch. Two additional versions are coming soon: one with 10X lower g-sensitivity and another with even higher performance in a very small package, both enabled by the proprietary new material. Field trials are underway. Stay tuned. It’s going to get even quieter out there.

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