Millimeter Wave Spectrum Control

Millimeter Wave Spectrum Control

October 07, 2014

Rome, Italy, October 7, 2014, EuMW Booth #215 – MtronPTI, leader in precision frequency control and custom RF solutions for defense, aerospace, telecommunications and industrial markets today announced frequency expansion to 80 GHz, millimeter waves for filters and diplexers. The additional products are the result of a business partnership with Microwavefilters & TVC S.r.l. (MW&TVC) in Milan who will now represent MtronPTI exclusively in the Italian market.

Mike Howard, MtronPTI RF and Microwave Engineering VP, says, “MtronPTI has a nearly fifty year history of custom filter design including crystal, LC and most recently digitally tuned and switched filter arrays. Partnering with MW&TVC increases our solution technologies into Ka, V and E bands used in very high capacity point-to-point data links.”

Pasquale Esposito, MW&TVC Sales Manager, adds, “Microwavefilters & TVC has provided wide range and constantly improved performance passive components to telecommunication and defense industries for over thirty years. Now we will be offering MtronPTI’s timing and active filter products in addition, expanding custom solutions for our customers.”

Traditional 6 to 42 GHz microwave bands are already crowded with rapidly increasing streaming video data. Moving up to E-band (60 – 90 GHz) enables gigabit-per-second data rates needed for mobile backhaul, data consolidation and enterprise direct-connect applications. Howard continues, “It’s the continuation of one simple trend: everything is going digital. As a result, data bandwidth requirements keep going up. One solution for system designers is to use higher frequency, point-to-point radios to reduce interference in increasingly crowded environments. We’ve seen it in satellite links, are seeing it today in microwave backhaul and small cells and in the emerging 60 GHz Wi-Fi.”

MtronPTI will be on hand to discuss millimeter wave and precision harsh environment timing solutions in the Microwavefilter & TVC stand #215 at European Microwave Week Exhibition, October 7 – 9 in Rome, Italy.

About Microwavefilters & TVC

Microwavefilters & TVC S.r.l. offers a complete range of filters to 80 GHz including cavity, combline and waveguide metal insert technologies. Custom solutions include many different types of couplers, adapters, housings and cold plates. MW&TVC offers tailor-made solutions with project consulting, rapid prototype manufacturing and electrical system testing. MW&TVC also operates custom precision CNC machining and turning services for third parties. Located just outside Milan, Italy, for more information please visit 


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