MtronPTI Extends Spectrum Control with Solid State Power Amplifiers

MtronPTI Extends Spectrum Control with Solid State Power Amplifiers

November 18, 2014

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Full line of VHF through K-band Modules Compliments RF & Microwave Filter Offerings Orlando, November 18, 2014 – MtronPTI, leader in precision frequency and spectrum control solutions for aerospace, defense, Internet, instrumentation and industrial markets today announced the second product line expansion in two months: introducing a full line of solid state RF power amplifiers. MtronPTI’s new products use state-of-the-art GaN, LDMOS, GaAs FET and chip-and-wire technologies complementary to their current RF & microwave filter products. Michael Ferrantino, Executive Chairman and CEO of MtronPTI and The LGL Group Inc., MtronPTI’s parent company, says, “Last month we announced a push into E-band millimeter wave filters to serve the expanding gigabit-per-second data market. Today, with the new power amplifier line, MtronPTI expands our market again and takes another critical step toward providing the complete RF signal path solution our clients need.” Solid state RF power amplifiers (SSPAs) are used in tactical radio, satellite terminal, electronic warfare, point-to-point backhaul, medical and industrial applications. Wide bandwidth SSPAs handle complex digital modulation of public safety and defense communications infrastructure. High power CW and pulsed SSPAs serve air traffic control, weather and long range radar. Narrow band SSPAs help MRI systems give doctors clearer images. Serving a broad range of clients from instrumentation through aeronautics and defense, from startups to major OEMs, MtronPTI already has a global footprint with offices, factories and partners in the US, Asia and Europe. Adding advanced technology active components will open new markets, new clients and bring opportunities for integrated system-level solutions MtronPTI’s Solid State Power Amplifier product line is available immediately in small modules or rack-mountable units serving frequency ranges from 300 MHz to 26 GHz and power levels of 10 Watts to 10 Kilowatts. Example Broadband Power Series: 6.0 to 18 GHz PA1062: 40 Watt GaN, fully protected PA1052: 20 Watt GaAsFET, 12 Volt operation PA1068: 10 Watt GaAsFET, about 4" square up to 6 GHz PA1044: 100 Watt GaN, fast turn ON / OFF PA1049: 50 Watt GaN, 3.0 dB p-p gain flatness PA1016: 35 Watt GaN, 2-tone IMD lower than -30 dBc

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