Tunable Bandpass Cavity Filters (UF9978)

Tunable Bandpass Cavity Filters (UF9978)

November 06, 2018

Using over 50 years of high performance RF filter design and manufacturing experience, MtronPTI can provide field tunable bandpass cavity filters that could be used to tune desired signals while rejecting interfering signals in Air Navigation Systems Receivers.

Features: High Q, Low Insertion Loss, Better Selectivity, Power Handling, Excellent out of band performance

Applications: TACAN/DME Air Navigation Systems, Instrumentation


General & Electrical Requirements:

  • Passband Frequency Range: 1025 to 1150MHz min
    Passband: Fc+/- 0.2MHz minimum
    Passband Variation: 0.25dB maximum
    Passband Return loss: 14dB maximum
    3dB Bandwidth: 4MHz maximum
    Insertion Loss @ tuned frequency: 2.0dB maximum, 1.5dB typical

       Stop-Band Attenuation:

            80dB minimum from 5MHz to Fc-63MHz
            80dB minimum from Fc+63MHz to 2800MHz

        Input Power: 50W average maximum

            Out of band signals (+/- 63MHz from Fc):  1000W peak
                                   (4uSec Pulse width, 5% duty maximum.)  
            Tuning Method: Screw Tuning
            RF Impedance: 50 ohms

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