Solid State High Power Amplifiers

Solid State High Power Amplifiers

M630x series TCXO using QiKChip technology, supporting custom and standard frequencies with low phase noise making it suited to be optimal reference clock for any communication applications. This family of products uses in-house AT-cut crystal expertise for higher performance and accuracy, available for quick samples and supports volume production.

Product Capabilities

  • Over 300 Standard products
  • 250KHz to 47GHz SSHPAs
  • Ultra Broadband
  • Pulsed and CW Modules and Systems
  • Watts to Multi Kilo watts
  • Firmware Integration
  • Ethernet RJ-45 TCP/IP, R422/485
  • Optional GPIB Interface

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Chip and wire
  • Die Bonding
  • Microscopic Tuning
  • Ribbon Bonding
  • X-ray machine
  • Wire pull testers
  • Packaging


  • Test and Measurement
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Radar
  • Broadband Jamming
  • Public Safety

One-on-one technical relationships

  • Each project is unique in design, environmental, schedule and cost requirements. MtronPTI engineers work with your designers to select the best approach. Six sigma and AS9100 Rev C quality systems ensure reliable solutions.

Long term support

  • MtronPTI uses Rapid Process Feedback, Lean Manufacturing and Demand Flow Technology for right product, right time, on specification. MtronPTI also manages the supply chain: aligning forecasts, qualifying purchased component suppliers and working with distributors, hubs and portals to make sure every time the production line reaches for an MtronPTI part, it’ll be there.

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