XO8085D Series - Integrated Frequency References

May 03, 2021

Combining over 25 years of discrete RF design expertise and SC-cut crystal manufacturing experience, MtronPTI’s XO8085D series provides designers a High Stability, Ultra Low Phase Noise and Low G-Sensitivity PLL integrated Frequency Reference. With RF systems getting smaller in size, the XO8085D enables system designers to employ a single package solution that has dual OCXOs and PLL integration.

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M2065/2066 Ultra Low Jitter Oscillators

April 06, 2021

MtronPTI has introduced a new family of high-performance crystal oscillators – M2065/2066. Offering the industry's lowest jitter solution, the M2065/2066 family of oscillators can deliver performance to less than 100 femtoseconds (fs) RMS jitter in a small 3.2x2.5mm ceramic package.

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UFQXLSC12 L, S and C Band Multiplexer

February 02, 2021

Building on the success of our high power Ku-band diplexers launched in the last three years, MtronPTI is now introducing a high power multiplexer in L, S and C bands for broadband communication datalinks used in applications like manned and unmanned aircraft, on the move and fixed ground stations, shipboard, beyond line of site wideband satellite communications and ground unmanned vehicles markets. This multiplexer incorporates highly selective, low loss and high power handling bandpass filters that provide isolation of better than -80dB between the datalink feeds.

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M630x Series .. High Frequency, Tight Stability TCXO in 5x7mm Package

November 13, 2020

M630x series TCXO using QiKChip technology, supporting custom and standard frequencies with low phase noise making it suited to be optimal reference clock for any communication applications. This family of products uses in-house AT-cut crystal expertise for higher performance and accuracy, available for quick samples and supports volume production.

Key Features:

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XO9085 Series Rackmount Integrated Freq. Reference

September 09, 2020

MtronPTI’s XO9085 series Rackmount Integrated Frequency Reference provides a High Stability Ultra Low Phase Noise clock reference in a standard 19” rack mount configuration. Output frequencies up to 6 GHz are available, with
options for multiple frequencies and multiple outputs and can also be phase-locked to an external clock reference.


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C-Band Cavity Diplexer/Splitter Assembly

August 18, 2020

MtronPTI is pleased to introduce a C-band Diplexer/Splitter Assembly to support rugged, hi-performance communication links that require full duplex operation in airborne, land, maritime and deep space applications. The Diplexer/Splitter Assembly incorporates highly selective bandpass filters and a splitter for simultaneous transmit and receive with full duplex operation, low loss and outstanding isolation between uplink and downlink bands.

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MtronPTI introduces the Stratum 3 M6071 series TCXO targeting SATCOM, TELECOM, and MILCOM applications

March 26, 2020

MtronPTI introduces the Stratum 3 M6071 series TCXO targeting SATCOM, TELECOM, and MILCOM applications. The M6071 series offers industry leading stability as low as ±0.1ppm over temperature ranges as wide as -40ºC to +105ºC.

Features: Superior Phase Noise

-97dBc/Hz @10Hz offset, measured at 38.88MHz

Applications: SATCOM, TELECOM, MILCOM, Test & Measurement

Representative Performance Characteristics:

 Frequency Range: 10 to 40 MHz

Frequency Tolerance: ±4.6ppm max.

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MtronPTI Ku Band High Power Diplexers for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Satcom and Electronic Warfare Datalink Applications

January 21, 2020

MtronPTI has introduced another Ku Band high power diplexer targeted towards Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Satcom and Electronic Warfare datalink applications. The diplexers incorporate highly selective high power handling bandpass filters for simultaneous transmit and receive operation with outstanding isolation of better than -110dB between uplink and downlink for datalink feeds.


  • Low TX and RX signal loss
  • > 110dB Isolation
  • Small Size, Low weight  


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MtronPTI XO9014 OCXO Series

December 10, 2019

MtronPTI is introducing a XO9014 series OCXO that could be used as a timing reference for various applications that include Instrumentation, Downhole Seismic, Industrial Controls, Datacom, Utility metering and Satcom applications. XO9014 series offers temperature stability of less than +/-10.0ppb, over an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C. Frequency Range: 10MHz to 40MHz is offered on this platform.

Key Features:

Small SMD Package


IEEE 1588 Compatible

Low Phase Noise

Product Classification: EAR99

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Ultra Wideband Quadruplexer & Pentaplexers

September 05, 2019

Using over 50 years of high performance RF filter design and manufacturing experience – incorporating RF CAD design and synthesis, MtronPTI can provide ultra-wideband low-loss Quadruplexer and Pentaplexer covering UHF, L, S C, X and Ku bands for RADAR, Satcom and Electronic Warfare Applications.  These Multiplexers incorporate bandpass filters for simultaneous transmit and receive operation with good isolation between uplink & downlink feeds.

Features: Extremely low TX and RX signal loss


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