Spectrum Control Solutions


Solid State Power Amplifiers

State-of-the-art chip & wire technology, ceramic substrates and GaN / LDMOS / GaAsFET actives bring RF power from 5 watts to 10 kilowatts

Used in tactical radio, satellite terminal, electronic warfare, point-to-point backhaul, medical and industrial applications, SSPAs fall into several catagories. Wide bandwidth SSPAs handle complex digital modulation of public safety and defense communications infrastructure. High power CW and pulsed SSPAs serve air traffic control, weather and long range radar. Narrow band SSPAs help MRI systems give doctors clearer images.

MtronPTI’s Solid State Power Amplifier product line is available immediately in small modules or rack-mountable units serving frequency ranges from 300 MHz to 40 GHz. All amplifiers are fully protected against load VSWR, input overdrive, over/under supply voltage and output overcurrent. Standard and custom models are available and custom integrated filter/amplifier/coupler systems can be designed to fit your RF system needs.

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Custom and standard millimeter wave filters and diplexers to 90 GHz featuring patented adaptive machined E-plane metal insert technology for high initial accuracy and no-tuning long life.

71 - 86 GHz E-band diplexer with 0.65 dB typical insertion loss
58 - 62 GHz V-band narrowband diplexer
56 - 64 GHz V-band wideband diplexer

Designed for secure point-to-point radio links serving enterprise and mobile instrastructure..

Digital RF - Tunable Bandpass Filters

Low insertion loss digitally tuned filters
30 MHz - 90 MHz
200 MHz - 400 MHz
225 MHz - 512 MHz 
225 MHz - 520 MHz
400 MHz - 700 MHz
700 MHz - 1000 MHz

250 tuning steps, 1 watt
±1% passband center frequency accuracy
3 dB or less insertion loss

Digital radio, software defined radio, cognitive radio… higher reliability, more coverage, and increased data capacity. MtronPTI’s custom digitally tuned and switched filters prevent IM products in the receiver by cleaning the spectrum before the LNA. Where co-site interference is a problem, higher power filters reduce interfering transmitter broadband noise. See Bandpass Filters for TF series information.

Lumped Element (LC)

MtronPTI lumped element (LC) filters allow true surface mount wash-proof assembly. Solder sealed or laser welded perimeter prevents performance shifts during or after pre and post wash. Hermetic thru hole and connectorized versions are perfect for space and high power applications.

High power LC filters, like the 200 watt 25 MHz lowpass filter, are qualified for harsh environment and mobile applications where immunity to vibration and wide temperature extremes are mission critical.


Evanescent Mode = high power, low loss and small size
Watts to kilowatts / harsh environment / high reliability
100 MHz – 20 GHz
1% - 80% bandwidth

Evanescent mode in the 8906 Link 16 cavity / combline filter yields 300 Wattspeak  in a 2.75” x 1.3” x 0.6” sealed package, ideal for airframe or portable applications.

MtronPTI’s UF9193 700 MHz dual band reject cavity filter uses a mixed design with TM mode dielectric and TEM coaxial resonators to provide high Q and < 1 MHz bandwidth (0.15%) in a 20% to 30% smaller package than full dielectric puck designs. The UF9193 is temperature compensated and has a fully sealed light-weight die cast housing.

With frequencies to 20 GHz, cavity filters with laser welded packages perform in harsh environments. UF9382 is a 9.9 GHz filter with less than 1.5 dB passband attenuation.


MtronPTI crystal filters are perfect for narrow bandwidth, low distortion, high frequency fundamental operation and also available as matched sets to improve signal to noise performance in mission critical applications.

Very low intermodulation (IM) distortion filters prevent nonlinearities which can confuse receiver demodulation schemes. MtronPTI uses nearly fifty years crystal filter making experience and customized test methods that insure initial technical performance and volume lifetime demands are met.

High frequency fundamental designs offer wider bandwidth and lower insertion loss for data communications applications.

Phase and amplitude matched sets for AESA radar, EW and missile applications – two to eight filters, matched and temperature compensated.


MtronPTI Ceramic Filters offer wide center frequency range, narrow to wide bandwidth and elevated power handling. Ceramic filters can achieve a higher Q than lumped element in a comparable size package.

Custom non-standard low insertion loss designs involving novel cross-coupling schemes fit defense and space applications with unique frequency and contour plans. Hybrid designs with multiple poles, capacitive coupling and integrated LC structures combined with careful tuning and diplexer/multiplexer solutions are available to meet the most complex needs.

Phase and amplitude matched sets for AESA radar, EW and missile applications – two to eight filters, matched and temperature compensated.


MtronPTI Tubular Filters offer very wide stop bands and high rejection through a coaxial architecture with coupled dielectric spacers in a precision machined housing. They are ideal where high power levels and broad stopbands are needed. Available in bandpass and lowpass only.