Ultra-Miniature Lumped Element Filters

MtronPTI Ultra-Miniature Lumped Element Filters are available in multiple frequency ranges. Using nearly fifty years of high performance filter design and manufacturing – down to custom designed and tuned coils – As the communication systems shrink in size MtronPTI’s Ultra-Miniature Lumped Element Filters helps you get the extra space required, when it counts most.


  • Small Size 0.7”x 0.25”x 0.20” max.
  • Wideband Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass options
  • Reflow Capable Gull Wing Filters
  • Frequency Range: 300 to 5000 MHz
  • 2 to 5 Sections
  • Power Handling 1 Watt CW

Applications: Electronic Warfare, Avionics, Software Defined Radio

Release Contact

D.P. Devineni
Orlando, FL
407-298-2000 x:2194