XO9085 Rackmount Integrated Frequency

XO9085 Rackmount Integrated Frequency

XO9085 Rackmount Integrated Frequency Reference

MtronPTI introduced today the XO9085 series Rackmount Integrated Frequency Reference, a High Stability Ultra Low Phase Noise clock reference in a standard 19 inch rack mount configuration. XO9085 is designed for use as an accurate reference clock in an automated test system or as an in-house frequency standard. Many production test systems require a stable external frequency clock as a reference. Depending on the requirement, the XO9085 can support multiple fixed frequency outputs or a single output, up to 6 GHz. The system can be phase-locked to an external clock reference and available with 5V DC, 12V DC or 120/240V AC power supply options.


D.P. Devineni



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With its high-stability oven-controlled SC-cut internal reference oscillator, XO9085 offers the industry’s lowest purchase cost per output. Normally multiple-output systems offer a more cost-effective solution than a central reference with a costly distribution system.

MtronPTI offers a broad line of precision crystal resonators, oscillators, filters, and Integrated Microwave Assembly solutions. MtronPTI is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev. D certified organization.


  • Ultralow phase noise synthesizer
  • Single or Multiple fixed frequency output
  • Phase lock to external 10MHz reference
  • Standard 19 inch rack mount assembly
  • 5V DC, 12V DC or 120/240V AC power supply options
  • Supports standard and custom frequencies up to 6 GHz


  • System Frequency Source
  • Test Lab
  • Instrumentation