Solid Foundation

Ultra-low phase noise OCXO reference for
high performance lab equipment.
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High Frequency OCXO

Standard Frequencies: 1GHz, 1.28GHz, 2GHz, 4GHz, 6GHz
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Low g-sen OCXOs keep the picture clear under vibration
for satellite internet and radar applications
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Remote. Control.

Precision TCXO lowers vibration-induced phase noise
for reduced SWaP applications
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Elect. Vibration Compensated OCXO

Solid State High Power Amplifiers

Ultra-low Jitter Quad Output Oscillator

MtronPTI Collaborates with Microsemi to Introduce Ultra-low... More

M617x / M618x

Stratum 3 TCXO and low g-sens TCXO: high stability, small... More

SA0068 Switched Filter

Supporting multi-band software-defined radios More

XO5500 Series

Low jitter OCXO for radar, satellite comm and... More

Shock, rattle and roll

Vibration management in VHF oscillators More

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UFQXLSC12 L, S and C Band Multiplexer

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M630x Series .. High Frequency, Tight Stability TCXO in 5x7mm Package

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XO9085 Series Rackmount Integrated Freq. Reference

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C-Band Cavity Diplexer/Splitter Assembly

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