Customer Product Return

Customer Product Returns

Customer satisfaction is important to MtronPTI, and customer returns are handled with care and urgency. To ensure timely resolution of customer concerns, MtronPTI has an established customer return process for customers who wish to return parts. Our process also includes incident tracking and failure mechanism data analysis to drive continuous quality improvements and enhancements.


If you purchased MtronPTI products from an authorized MtronPTI distributor, please contact your authorized MtronPTI distributor for instructions to begin a product return request.

The Following Guidelines should be used when returning material to MtronPTI.

Return situation

Recommended action

MtronPTI products were purchased from an authorized MtronPTI distributor.

Contact the distributor that provided the products and follow their return procedure.

MtronPTI products exhibit a potential shipping, packaging or labeling issue, and a correction is requested. (See note on distributors above).

For resolution of shipping or packaging issues, such as label errors, mixed material, wrong material, wrong quantity, packaging issues or other issues or questions, contact MtronPTI customer support.

MtronPTI products purchased directly from MtronPTI and suspected to be nonconforming to datasheet electrical, mechanical or cosmetic specifications, and failure analysis is requested

To request analysis of a suspected nonconforming product, please contact MtronPTI customer support. Please follow MtronPTI’s guidelines for handline customer returns. upon acceptance of the request, return instructions will be provided. Please do not ship products until instructed

Other request – not covered above

Contact your company’s procurement specialist

All approved returns to MtronPTI must have the RMA number clearly labeled on the exterior of the shipping container in large, legible letters.