Product Videos

XO9095: High Frequency, Low phase-noise and Low G-sensitivity OCXO.

Common Data Link (CDL): MtronPTI provides CDL solutions from L-band to K-band, including Filters, Multiplexers and Integrated Microwave Assemblies

XO5503 E-vibe™ series Electronically Compensated OCXO

Planar Filter product line: As demand increased for frequencies above 2 GHz, we developed the ability to design and manufacture planar filters utilizing interdigital, combine, hairpin, edge coupled and end coupled topologies.

Integrated Microwave Assembly: MtronPTI brings over 55 years of expert crystal, filter and oscillator design experience to our Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) product capability. Designed for both extreme Aerospace, Defense and Avionics as well as Commercial requirements, MtronPTI designs and manufactures world-class IMAs for your demanding needs.