Why MtronPTI?

We are the solution

Our solutions

We provide close initial consultation, custom designs for RF & microwave filter, as well as data timing solutions

We care

We have a history of high reliability, both for the devices and modules and also for engineering support before, during and after the systems are flying to the ground crew to keep things working up there.

Riding the Wing

MtronPTI harsh environment oscillators and leading edge resonator technology products reducing temperature and vibration effects so flights are smooth, problems detected before they become problems and efficiency is at its peak.

Real time

Airframe flight control systems – sensor support, computer control and data links all need to survive high vibration and temperature extremes. Hundreds of sensors on each engine managing efficiency in real time.

How to utilize our products

How our Customers utilize our products

These are some ways that our high precision, high reliability products are used in real world applications