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XO5503-100Mhz Press Release

Electronically Compensated OCXO, XO5503-100 MHz MtronPTI today introduced the XO5503-100, a 100 MHz, high-performance Electronically Vibration Compensated OCXO. In high reliability communications and radar applications, maintaining phase noise performance under vibration is critical to performance. The XO5503 series OCXO is designed for applications where dynamic phase noise performance is .

MtronPTI PLL based 7x5mm Oscillators

MtronPTI’s PLL based 7×5 mm oscillators are available in under 14 weeks! While other oscillator manufacturers are offering lead times over 36 weeks, MtronPTI continues to offer delivery of clock oscillators, VCXOs, and TCXOs made in our Yankton, SD factory, in under 14 weeks. MtronPTI’s PLL based product families .

M1620 and M1260 Series

M1620 and M1260 series small form factor quartz crystal units MtronPTI today introduced the M1620 and M1260 series small form factor crystal units. The M1620 and M1260 families are available in standard and custom frequencies up to 80 MHz and provide extremely tight frequency tolerance down to +/-10ppm over .

UPF10177 Planar Bandpass Filter

UPF10177 Planar Bandpass Filter MtronPTI today introduced the UPF10177 Planar Bandpass Filter. MtronPTI is offering custom planar filter products from 1.5 GHz to 20 GHz targeted towards Electronic Warfare, Communications, SATCOM and Data Link applications. UPF10177 is a 7 pole microstrip distributed interdigital filter with a center frequency at .

M3x5x Series VCXO

M3x5x Series 3.2 x 5.0 mm High Frequency VCXO MtronPTI today introduced the M305x series small form factor high performance Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO). The M305x series VCXO delivers jitter performance as low as 130fs at 622.08MHz across the entire operating temperature. This outstanding jitter performance supports demanding .