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Space Level Component Design and Testing Capabilities

MtronPTI High Power Handing Space Level Component and Sub-Assemblies Design and Testing Capabilities MtronPTI has over 125 design wins across satellite platforms and manned spacecraft. With expertise supporting LEO, MEO and GEO applications, MtronPTI has a well-established team and a proven track record to meet demanding space requirements. With .

XO5503-100MHz Press Release

Electronically Compensated OCXO, XO5503-100 MHz MtronPTI today introduced the XO5503-100, a 100 MHz, high-performance Electronically Vibration Compensated OCXO. In high reliability communications and radar applications, maintaining phase noise performance under vibration is critical to performance. The XO5503 series OCXO is designed for applications where dynamic phase noise performance is .

Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly

Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) Building on the success of L, S, C, X and Ku-band multiplexers launched over the last four years, MtronPTI is now introducing a Ku-band Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) to support broadband communication datalinks used in applications like manned and unmanned aircraft, on the .

M2520 Series Oscillator

M2520 Series Oscillator   MtronPTI today introduced the M2520 series small form factor differential output crystal oscillator. M2520 series oscillators support less than 100fs RMS Jitter with extremely tight frequency tolerance down to +/-20ppm. This oscillator has a small form factor of 2.5 x 2.0mm, supports a wide operating .

Ku-Band CDL Diplexer UFDX9999-10

Ku-band CDL Diplexer UFDX9999-010   MtronPTI today introduced another Ku-band CDL Diplexer – UFDX9999-010, featuring a wider pass band and phase linearity of +/-2 degrees over the temperature. The wider band and low phase linearity performance of UFDX9999-010 enables the customer’s system to support higher data transfer rates with .