Gull Wing Capability

Gull Wing Capability

In harsh environments observed in flight applications, reliability comes first. All components and solder joint connections must perform when environmental conditions are less than ideal.  Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch between components and printed circuit board (PCB) can create thermomechanical stress and fatigue driving solder joints to fail.  In these types of environments, the reliability of SMT packages can be enhanced through the addition of gull-wing leads for stress relief.  The gull-wing configuration also lends itself for better accessibility of solder fillets for inspection. 

MtronPTI helps enhance solder joint interface reliability of its already robust surface mount 5x7mm electrical designs, with in-house lead-attach process capability.  All CMOS output, 5x7mm oscillators on the MtronPTI frequency control portfolio ( can be available with a gull-wing configuration.  The MtronPTI lead attach process has been tested and passed lead integrity per MIL-STD-883 M2004 condition B2 and Adhesion of Lead Finish per MIL-STD-883 M2025.  In contrast to 3rd party lead attach facilities, MtronPTI is also able to perform 100% pre and post lead-attach electrical parameter and gross/fine leak testing on products. 


  • Operating Frequency: 1.000 MHz to 150.000 MHz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55V to + 125°C
  • Package: 5x7mm, 4 gull-wing leaded
  • 100% Pre/Post attach electrical and hermeticity test


  • Avionics controls
  • Satellite communications
  • Defense

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