Solutions - Integrated Microwave Assembly, Subsystem and Custom Solutions

MtronPTI brings over 55 years of expert crystal, filter and oscillator design experience to our Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) product capability.  Designed for both extreme Aerospace, Defense and Avionics as well as Commercial requirements, MtronPTI designs and manufactures world-class IMAs for your demanding needs.  Spanning frequencies from 10MHz to 50GHz, components such as filters, low noise amplifiers, couplers, attenuators, switches, circulators, oscillators, multipliers, phase lock loops and mixers, all with associated control circuitry, are integrated into one exceptional SWaP-C (Size, Weight and Power at a competitive Cost) assembly.  Design, assembly, test and integration along with component design and manufacturing is done at MtronPTI’s AS9100 D operations.

MtronPTI's advanced design and engineering capabilities, coupled with multi-disciplined vertical integration, enables us to provide complex assemblies that seamlessly integrate into sophisticated technology platforms.  Our design and development modeling uses the same circuit, electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal, and stress analysis tools as our customers.  This allows MtronPTI’s IMA design synthesis to be effortlessly integrated into our customer’s system synthesis at very early stages of the development process.  This design collaboration essentially makes MtronPTI’s design team an extension of the customer’s design team and allows our customer’s resources to focus on their areas of expertise.   MtronPTI focuses on the design concept, prototype development and transition to full rate production, resulting in a condensed design cycle, reduced risk and getting our customer’s system to market faster.

MtronPTI’s subassemblies include switched filters, tunable filters and adding circuitry or connectors to existing products.  We have over 9,000 products to select from, or we can design a custom part or subassembly to solve your challenging requirements.


  • USA Design and Build
  • Compress Customer’s Design Cycles
  • Custom RF and Microwave Components In-House Design and Build Expertise
  • Superior Product Lifecycle Management
  • Modular Solutions
  • World-class SWaP-C
  • High Power Handling
  • AS9000 Design and Manufacture

Integrated Microwave Assembly


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Avionics
  • Electronic Warfare and Military Communications
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical

MtronPTI has thousands of custom designed filters, oscillators and crystal resonators to select from for any Integrated Microwave Assembly design.  MtronPTI has an expert team of Engineers, Program Managers, Assemblers and Testers that utilize our wide array of design tools, production capabilities and in house testing to design and manufacture the highest performance, most reliable products available.

Founded in 1965, MtronPTI has been delivering high performance filters, oscillators and crystal resonators for a broad range of applications worldwide for over 55 years.  Since our inception we have developed an extensive library of over 9,000 products.  We are a one stop shop for all your RF component, subassembly and IMA needs.

MtronPTI designs and manufactures oscillators in various topologies: XO, TCXO, VCXO and OCXO.  Our oscillators span a wide frequency range, broad power and output options and many with multiple output configurations.  MtronPTI’s IMA designs either utilize this wide product offering or we draw from all this experience to design a custom oscillator.


Designed and manufactured in our AS9100D facility, our filters span cavity, crystal and lumped element topologies in low pass, bandpass, band reject, high pass, diplex, duplex and N-plexer formats.  Demanding IMA designs capitalize on our full filter product offering or we will design a custom filter.

Lastly, MtronPTI is highly vertically integrated, sweeping and slicing quartz bars and designing crystal resonators that focuse on low phase noise and low vibration sensitive with very low drift over temperature and time.

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