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XO9095: An OCXO integrated with low noise
multipliers, filters for superior spectral purity and low noise discrete amplifiers to generate a high frequency, low phase noise sinewave output from 200MHz to 6GHz. The XO9095 employs an in-house manufactured precision SC-cut crystal which drives the tight stability, low g-sensitivity and low phase noise performance of the OCXO.

XO5503-100: a 100 MHz, high-performance Electronically Vibration Compensated OCXO. In high reliability communications and radar applications, maintaining phase noise performance under vibration is critical to performance.

Planar Filters: As demand increased for frequencies above 2 GHz, we developed the ability to design and manufacture planar filters utilizing interdigital, combine, hairpin, edge coupled and end coupled topologies.

MtronPTI, an AS9001D certified US company with nearly 60 years of innovation, is a leading provider of filters, oscillators, and solutions. This video showcases a fraction of our capabilities allowing us to be your destination for RF components and solutions.

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