Ku-Band CDL Diplexer UFDX9999-10

Ku-Band CDL Diplexer UFDX9999-10

Ku-band CDL Diplexer UFDX9999-010

MtronPTI today introduced another Ku-band CDL Diplexer – UFDX9999-010, featuring a wider pass band and phase linearity of +/-2 degrees over the temperature. The wider band and low phase linearity performance of UFDX9999-010 enables the customer’s system to support higher data transfer rates with low latency. The UFDX9999-010 is an example of MtronPTI’s capability to develop a custom solution for your specific needs.

MtronPTI offers standard and custom oscillators, filters, multiplexers, and integrated assemblies that enable secure, wideband, real-time uplink and downlink transmission of payload control and sensor data via a CDL. The UFDX9999-010 diplexer adds to MtronPTI’s broad portfolio of products that support Common Data Link (CDL) applications.


D.P. Devineni



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Press Release

MtronPTI is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev. D certified organization.


  • Pass Band 1 : 14.400 to 14.930GHz
  • Pass Band 2: 15.150 to 15.350GHz
  • Phase Linearity over temperature : +/- 2 degrees
  • High Power Handling : 30W CW
  • Superior Channel to Channel Isolation : > 70dBc
  • Size : 2.91”x2.40”x0.600” max.


  • UAS
  • Satcom
  • Electronic Warfare